Gives work and pays bills. The legendary British musician Rod Stewart spoke about the family of refugees from Ukraine, which he takes care of

World music legend Rod Stewart told why and how he helps Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

Rod Stewart will support the Ukrainian family for a year. He takes care of a large family with five children. These are two adults Rostislav and Elena and their children: 17-year-old Taras, 16-year-old Kostya, 13-year-old Roman, 10-year-old Maria and two-year-old Dmitry. He provided them with a home in Berkshire, provided them with furniture and paid their bills, writes The Mirror.

As the newspaper notes, usually the singer does not advertise his charitable activities in any way, but in this case he made an exception. He hopes that his example will inspire others to help Ukrainians. He also noted that he considers it his duty as a knight to use his influence to “do something for the people”.

Rod Stewart recalled his meeting with a family who came to England without money and did not speak a word of English.

Rod Stewart during the concert of universal music festival.en the Royal Theatre of Madrid, on July 5, 2016. (Photo by Oscar Gonzalez/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

“I entered the door and they all ran down the stairs, all beautifully dressed in Ukrainian national costumes. They made me a cup of tea and we had plenty of biscuits and chocolates even though the kid kept trying to steal mine. It was really wonderful,” he said.

The 77-year-old musician also said he has provided work for two other refugees from Ukraine on his estate in Essex, and is also considering buying another house in which he can host another Ukrainian family.

He said he realized something needed to be done when he and his wife saw the horrors happening in Ukraine on the news.

“I don’t have a word to describe what we saw,” he said.

Shortly after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he organized three trucks with humanitarian aid for Ukrainians to Ukraine, and on them evacuated 16 people from Ukraine to Berlin.

Rod Stewart admitted that he wanted to personally go to Ukraine along with the cargo, but he was dissuaded, instead of him his nephews Warren and Gavin and six other volunteers went to the war-torn country.