Austria cancels free travel for Ukrainians

Austria cancels free transport for Ukrainians. From October 1, you will have to buy tickets for travel on trains and the subway.

It is reported by the CTS.

From October 1, Ukrainian refugees in Austria will have to buy tickets to travel on trains of the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB).

Free Not-Ticket Ukraine tickets can only be obtained for the first entry into Austria or transit – from Breclav, Bratislava or Hegyesalom to an Austrian destination or border stations for onward travel to Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

From October 1, free travel in Vienna’s public transport will also be canceled for Ukrainians. You will have to pay for the use of the metro, buses, trams and trains within the city.

However, there are exceptions. Children will continue to ride for free:

up to 6 years;
school students.

In order to carry a dog in public transport, you need to pay for a discounted one-time ticket. You can not do this if you have an annual pass. The price includes transportation of a dog and a bicycle.

For Ukrainians who have found refuge in Austria and the capital Vienna, free travel has been continued twice since the beginning of March.